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Blockchain Platform for Logistics and Supply Chain

Blockchain in logistics can maximize transparency, security and efficiency throughout logistics and supply chain like never before. Learn how Trucker Path is pioneering the blockchain technology on its platform.
White Paper Summary

Increase Transparency

Blockchain technology can create a single immutable location for storing data on business interactions among all market participants without compromising private information. The additional visibility will help businesses make better and data-driven decisions.

Reduce Transactional Costs

The industry still relies on phone calls, fax, and paperwork with little automation involved. Blockchain uses smart contracts that self-execute, thus reducing the need for check calls and paper records.

Reduce Fraud

Information entered in the blockchain can never be edited or erased. In addition, multiple validators are involved in a smart contract. This mitigates the risk of fraud and facilitates claim management.


Trucker Path is developing an open source blockchain-based logistics platform that will enable all participants of the global transportation industry to interact in a single distributed registry. Further automation will be achieved through the application of smart contracts that can self-execute, taking into account a given set of rules. This solution will increase transparency, security, and efficiency of freight transportation.