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Dec 15, 2016 • Carriers

APU Truck Weight Exemption Guide

One of the most useful features the Trucker Path app offers to truck drivers is the ability to check the status of a weigh station but there are some trucks given special exemption at weigh stations but restrictions vary by state.

APU Weight Exemption Guide

APU (Auxiliary Power Units) are often used by truck drivers to limit fuel use since they reduce the need for trucks to run engines on idle while they’re parked. But seeing as they often weigh a couple hundred pounds, they may create a problem for drivers who regularly carry around the maximum weight limits. With the president’s latest expansion of the MAP-21 bill dealing with state-by-state APU regulations, this may be puzzling to drivers that cross state lines.

Below we’ve included a guide, put together by a GPS vehicle tracking company Track Your Truck, which informs drivers exactly how much weight is exempt in every state.

APU Exemption Guide

APU Exemption Guide courtesy of Track Your Truck