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Dec 13, 2016 • Community

Truck Freight

If you bought it, they brought it. Truck drivers keep America rolling by driving countless and lonely hours delivering the cargo we desire. Without trucks to ship things, those shelves would be mighty bare and those same-day delivering services from your online shopping wouldn’t be possible without truckers. Don’t believe us? Here are the facts and statistics of the trucking industry.

Truck Freight Infographic

Merge onto any highway and you’ll see countless semi trucks heading in either direction of the road. Seems like they’re endless amounts of them right? You would be correct, in fact 80 percent of all cargo in the USA!

Driving a Truck is a Dangerous Job

There are 3.5 million truck drivers who put their own life at risk delivering an array of commodities and goods. Drivers operate heavy-duty trucks with a load weighing as much as 80,000 pounds. In 2015, 852 truck drivers lost their life while working, making truck driving the most dangerous job in the USA.

What Goods Do Truck Drivers Deliver?

Truck drivers haul a variety of goods with machinery, electronic and motorized vehicles making up 27 percent of goods shipped by truck drivers in America. The most common thing trucks haul is machinery, followed by electronics and motorized vehicles. Additionally, mixed freight includes commodities such as food and restaurant supplies.