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Factoring Rates & Fees

InstaPay is the only transparent freight factoring service on the market. Not only do we offer the lowest non-recourse rate, but also charge zero additional fees. This way we help you get paid quickly and with peace of mind.

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InstaPay is the best factoring service for you

Don't let other factoring companies trick you into using their service with an enticing offer rate only to fleece you with unjust fees hidden in the fine print of a contract. InstaPay non-recourse factoring pays you fast, with a simple, one-time flat rate.

Our product is transparent and easy to get started, allowing you to focus on more important things in your life.

Factoring CostInstaPayOther freight factoring companiesWhat this means for you
Non-recourse rate
The main rate you pay for factoring
3.5% flat rate per load3.5-5% per monthNot only does InstaPay offer a lower rate than competitors', it offers it per load, which means you pay the same amount regardless of days to pay.
Transaction fee
What you pay to receive money
$3-10 per ACH
up to $25 for wire
Unlike other companies, We won't charge a fee to pay you.
Per invoice fee
Fixed fee per invocie
$1-5 per invoiceNope, we don't charge per invoice. Factor as much as you want.
Set-up fee
What you pay to start factoring
$100-500InstaPay will not charge this, in fact, we offer a complimentary rate on your first load with us.
Termination fee
What you pay to stop factoring
up to $1000Charge you to end a business relationship with a service provider? Ridiculous, InstaPay would never do that.
Minimum volume fee
You simply cannot factor less than this
From $1,000 per monthRegardless if you take your family on a vacation or enjoy some time off, other companies require a minimum commitment or charge a fee. With InstaPay factor as much as you want, we won't bind you or charge excess fees.
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