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InstaPayWhat are Fuel Advances?

Receive cash right after you’ve booked a load and don’t worry about fuel costs.

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How Fuel Advances work

Say you need cash upfront to cover fuel costs. Just send your Rate Confirmation to and receive half the rate immediately. You’ll receive the remaining amount when you deliver the load and send us the BOL.

Step 1. Book a load

Let’s assume you just booked a $2,000 load and need money to pay for fuel

Step 2. Email your RC

Take a picture of the Rate Confirmation and send it to

Step 3. Get half the rate

Receive 1,000$ (50% the rate) to cover your fuel and operational costs

Step 4. Deliver the load

Finish hauling your load and send the rate confirmation to

Step 5. Get the remaining funds

You receive the remaining $900 (45% of the load rate)

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Trucker Path InstaPay is the best factoring company I have dealt with: the pay is fast, people are friendly and very professional. I would recommend this factoring company to anybody and everybody.
Gary, GFL Transportation
Since handing my invoice billing hat to InstaPay, I no longer have to deal with that dreaded collections chore. All I have to do is send an email and my receivables are deposited to my account the next day.
Debbie, Walkabout Transport