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Tired of getting ripped off or paid late?
Trucker Path offers a transparent and low-cost way to get paid fast. With our hassle-free freight factoring you get paid the same day and have 100% visibility of your factoring costs.
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What is Freight Factoring

Carriers have to wait 30, 60 even 120 days before getting paid for hauling a load. Freight factoring is a service that eliminates the wait to get paid. Our freight factoring company deals with your client directly while paying you within as little as a day.

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Flat Rate

InstaPay offers trucking factoring with no hidden or extra fees. The rate is per load, so regardless of days to pay we charge the same percentage. A lower and more transparent factoring service means more money and less headache for you.

Factoring Rates and Fees

24 hrs to Pay

Get paid the same day! Upon receiving your documents we will process your transaction and initiate an ACH transfer within 24 hrs. Keep in mind, we don't charge a separate fee per transaction, so you can factor as much as you want.


With InstaPay you won’t have to deal with collection. Our freight factoring service will handle the client and get you paid with peace of mind. Non-recourse means your risk is protected and you can focus on doing your business rather than handling your clients' payments.

Types of Factoring

Any Legit Load

It doesn’t matter who or where you booked a load with. InstaPay covers any legitimate truck load so you can rest assured you will be compensated. There is no volume commitment or minimum volume fee, so you can factor as many loads as you want.

Factoring Terms

Mobile App

Send your Bill of Lading and Rate Confirmation using the Truckloads app. It’s 2017 and we believe that you don’t have to scan and fax your docs, so we made it easy and convenient for you. By the way, you can book your next load on Truckloads, plan your trip with Trucker Path, and get paid faster with InstaPay - all in one ecosystem.

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