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Weigh Station cover

What is a Weigh Station?

Drive on any major interstate and you will eventually come across a green sign saying “weigh station”. So what are these weigh stations for anyhow?

4Wheelers Misconception

Misconceptions of Truck Drivers

The misconceptions you hear from 4-wheelers about truck drivers can be laughable and frankly, absurd. At Trucker Path, we like to refer to these misconceptions of truck drivers as “Tales of an Uninformed 4-Wheeler”. Some are so crazy that all you can do is laugh at them.



7 Tips to Help Truck Drivers Eat Healthier

2016 was a whirlwind year, but 2017 is here to provide us a new beginning. With a new year comes the potential for a new and improved self. Particularly for truck drivers, staying healthy is one of the leading concerns.



US Government Uses Secret Trucks Delivering Nuclear Cargo

The U.S. government uses a special fleet of trucks to ship its precious cargo of nuclear weapons and material.



Truck Driver Fights Thief Via Karate Move

VIDEO: A truck driver in China tracked down a thief on a motorcycle who stole the truckers’ cell phone right from his truck.

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