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The most transparent & simple factoring service in America. Designed for owner operators and small fleets.

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How it works

Just finished hauling a load? Send us your Bill of Lading and Rate Confirmation and we’ll pay you the next business day. It's that easy!

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Rate & fees

Factoring rate3.5% per load
Setup feeFREE
Transaction feeFREE
Other feesNONE


When we pay1-2 business days
How we payACH deposit

For your convenience

Documents to sendBill of Lading and Rate Confirmation
Factoring typeNon-recourse
Who handles invoicesWe handle invoices
Volume commitmentNONE
Contract commitmentNONE
What loads can you factorAny legit loads
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Ready to factor? Just take a photo of your documents and send them to us via our Truckloads app.

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Trucker Path InstaPay is the best factoring company I have dealt with: the pay is fast, people are friendly and very professional. I would recommend this factoring company to anybody and everybody.
Gary, GFL Transportation
Since handing my invoice billing hat to InstaPay, I no longer have to deal with that dreaded collections chore. All I have to do is send an email and my receivables are deposited to my account the next day.
Debbie, Walkabout Transport