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Right now thousands of truckers all over the country are telling each other about best truck stops, available parking, weigh stations, and more.

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The map truckers trust

Plan your trip around the stops that matter. Trucker Path is constantly updated by other truckers, so you get the most accurate info from real people you can rely on.
Parking Find out if there’s space before you pull over Truck Stops Grab some sleep, a shower, and a bite to eat Fuel Stations Find the brand you need and the price you want Community Rate truck stops and leave reviews to let other know the best places Hotels Go on, relax in a real bed. You deserve it Truck Washes Keep it clean with full service or express Rest Areas Stretch your legs and stay under HOS limits Low Clearance Plan ahead and avoid an unexpected detour

Post your truck and never drive empty

  • Let brokers know when you’re ready to haul loads
  • Post your truck availability in the app and notify brokers in your area that you’re free to pick up a shipment
  • They will contact you to negotiate terms and book the load. You’ll be loaded and ready to roll in a hurry

The best trips start with a solid plan

Map your route from start to finish and locate the best stops along the way. Truck stop reviews, fuel prices, and real-time parking updates will keep you current on the best places for truckers.

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Let other truckers know if the coop’s open

Find out whether a weigh station is currently open or closed, or dig deeper to gain insights into weigh station status history.

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Easy to find truck parking

While you’re stopped, let other truckers know if there’s room to park. Check to see if your stop has a scale, wi-fi, showers, bulk DEF, tire care or food nearby.

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Filters and views

Use Trucker Path to find the best places with the cheapest diesel, or filter locations on the brands you know and trust whether you shop at a major chain or independent station.

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Trusted trucker intelligence

Trucker Path is replacing the CB radio with simple tools to let you know when and where to stop. Help your fellow truckers by updating the app to tell them if there’s parking available or if a weigh station is open or closed. You can also write reviews and rate locations. The more you contribute, the better it gets for everyone.
Very useful. I love that it is always right about weighstations and knowing the size of a rest area or truck stop proved to be useful when trying to pick somewhere to take my 10 hour rest.
Andres Belgrave — Google Play review
I think I’ve tried just about every trucker assistance application available for Android (a few aren’t very cheap) but I keep coming back to this little gem.
Gordon — 18 Wheel Life
Great app. Truckers deserve this attention to detail. We can't do our jobs without information.
Bryan Robinson — Google Play review
Perfect This is fantastic app, as I use it more and more I need it more and more.
Michael Duley — Google Play review
All in one info So pleased with this app. Easy and fast loading. Opens right into a hunting through drop-down menus.
Lisa Becker — Google Play review
We've heard from some of you that the Trucker Path app is pretty good.
Swift Transportation — on their Facebook page

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