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Jan 01, 2015

Happy New Year from Trucker Path

Happy New Year from Trucker Path

About 2 years ago, the first version of Trucker Path was launched after our trucker friend had asked us to build such a thing to help him on the road. Since then we’ve had our ups and downs, but with your support now we’re happy to release Trucker Path PRO (yes, 100 % FREE),a new chapter in our story. Make sure you’ve installed it, since most of our users are still using the old Trucker Path apps. Please tell your friends to update by going to the App Store and Google Play links listed on

Don’t know yet what Trucker Path is? It’s one of America’s most popular apps for truckers. Truck stops, weigh stations, rest areas and more! All information is verified by our users community, therefore our truck stops, rest areas and truck parking database is the most reliable (including reviews about locations). You can also check if weigh stations are open or closed (with ~75 % accuracy, the more users we have in the area, the more accurate the info is) and discover lots of other useful stuff. Crowdsourcing makes Trucker Path much more efficient and reliable than any other similar app.

Stay tuned for the updates. Trucker Path Pro will have new cool features and updates soon (like accurate fuel prices, low clearances and more). What new features do you expect the most? What would you like to see improved? Please share to help others on the road. Thanks for your support. Happy New Year!

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