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Funding Snapshot: Trucker Path Secures $30 Million for Trucker App
Jun 15,
Trucker Path just lined up $30 million in debt to lend to truckers
Jun 14,
Is Uber a threat in Trucking and Logistics
May 22,
Uber is now in the trucking business
May 18,
On-demand road freight startup Ontruck pulls in $10M Series A led by Atomico and Idinvest
May 12,
Uber adds trucking brokerage firm amid long-haul push
May 11,
Parsing the Truck Parking Issue
May 05,
Trucker Path users rate top 100 truck stops
May 03,
Texas Chevron takes no. 1 truck stop in Trucker Path app
McLeod Software integrates with Trucker Path’s Truckloads load board
Tech Startups Beat Uber to Freight Market, Connect Drivers With Loads Via Mobile Apps
Apr 10,
TruckerPath adds truck search feature to Truckloads marketplace
Apr 04,
Truckloads opens up carriers visibility to brokers
Load boards' Mobile Evolution
Dodging the Middleman
What’s your 20? Trip planning apps help fleets, drivers stay on schedule
Dec 15,
Amazon is secretly building an 'Uber for trucking' app, setting its sights on a massive $800 billion market
The staggering statistics behind America's trucking industry
Stocked Up: 150+ Companies Attacking The Supply Chain & Logistics Space
Nov 30,
No Blind Spots: 12 Trucking Tech Companies To Watch
Nov 18,
‘Legitimate freight options’ — old ways in new times
Preventing cargo, truck theft is a mutli-layered attack
Nov 01,
Trucker Path to now market independent truck stops in app
Trucker Path Hire to Head Business Development of Truckloads Marketplace
Sep 15,
Truckloads app reaches 100k downloads for freight matching
Aug 15,
Trucker Path Offers New App Feature for Truck Stop Owners
Aug 15,
Reinventing The Freight Industry
Aug 12,
Trucker Path users shine some light on parking availabilty
Aug 03,
Freight Booking Startups Drawing Rich New Funding
Jul 25,
Trucker Path creates online truck stop management feature
Jul 21,
Truckstops now able to advertise on Trucker Path app
Jul 18,
Can’t Find Truck Parking? There’s an App for That
Jul 13,
Trucker Path’s ‘chatbot’ messenger helps drivers plan trips
Jul 01,
Trucker Path Features Integrated AscendTMS
Jun 30,
Trucker Path and InMotion Global join logistics systems
Jun 30,
Trucker Path Joins AscendTMS™ to Offer Free TMS to Carriers and Brokers
Jun 30,
Trucker Path creates “chatbot” messenger for driver trip planning
Jun 29,
Freight Industry Gets Its First Chatbot
Trucker Path adds 1,000 locations to truck parking app
Jun 25,
Trucker Path adds 1,000 locations to parking app
Trucker Path expands truck parking network
Jun 20,
See which truck stops drivers rate among the best
Jun 01,
ATA Reveals New Logo, Sponsors for National Truck Driver Appreciation Week
May 26,
Trucker Path App Finds Parking
May 26,
Truck parking report shows need for greater info on parking availability, says Trucker Path
Top 9 List: 5-star truck stop picks by Trucker Path usersMay
May 25,
Trucker Path: Reality of truck parking shortage
May 25,
More than a third of US truck parking available during peak times: Trucker Path
May 24,
Trucker Path analysis shows reality of truck parking shortage
May 24,
Trucker Path analysis shows reality of truck parking shortage
May 24,
Trucker Path named to Red Herring’s Top 100 Finalist List
May 23,
Trucker Path finalist for Red Herring award
May 23,
Trucker Path Launches Truckloads Freight Marketplace
Apr 02,
Freight companies can now easily access available trucking capacity nationwide
Apr 01,
Trucker Path’s Truckloads freight marketplace now publicly available
Apr 01,
New Loadboard Comes to Transportation
Apr 01,
Trucker Path reaches 1 million downloads milestone
Digital help is at hand for a fragmented and often inefficient industry
Mar 05,
More truckers are using mobile apps tailored for the long haul
Mar 03,
Firms Try to Mimic Uber for Freight Shipments
Nov 13,
Firms Try to Mimic Uber for Freight Shipments
Nov 01,
Truck drivers wanted. Pay: $73,000
Oct 09,
Trucker Path VP, Austin Trip and A Reveal
Oct 05,
Trucker Path aligns with trucking associations
Oct 01,
Need a parking spot? There’s a helpful app for that
Sep 30,
Trucker Path on a growth spurt toward ‘full-blown freight marketplace’
Trucker Path app helps carriers, drivers find loads
Jul 13,
Trucker Path Adds Load Finder to Its Trip-Planning Mobile App
Jul 10,
Trucking? There’s finally an app for that
Jul 09,
Apps for truckers
Jul 08,
Trucker Path opens beta testing of truckload freight marketplace
Jul 07,
Trucker Path launches public beta version of freight marketplace
Trucker Path Picks Up $20M for Trucking Marketplace
Jul 01,
Trucker Path, the Uber for truckers, raised $20M
Jul 01,
This App Keeps Truckers Rolling In An On-Demand World
Jun 30,
Trucker Path Raises $20M To Claim The Uber For Truckers Moniker
Jun 30,
Latest "uber for trucking" brokerage launches app
Truckers, these two companies are revving up efforts to disrupt your industry
Jun 07,
Trucker Path app offers new parking feature
May 22,
Mobile Apps Get Picked Up by Independent Truckers for Better Routes
May 07,
What Will Come First: The Sharing Or Circular Economy?
Mar 29,
Trucker Path App Helps Drivers Find Parking Spots Nationwide
Trucker Path Raises $1.5M From Renren To Help Truckers Truck Better
Mar 05,