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Nov 23, 2018

The Unsung Heroes of Black Friday

The Unsung Heroes of Black Friday
“Sorry, We’re sold out.”

That’s the last thing consumers want to hear on the biggest shopping day of the year. As truck drivers, you work hard to ensure that doesn’t happen.

Last year, according to the National Retail Federation (,more than 174 million Americans shopped in stores and online over Thanksgiving weekend. From Thanksgiving Day through the end of Cyber Monday, these shoppers spent an average of $335.47. That’s a lot of cash flowing through our economy.

Even though the ratio of in-store to online shoppers is slowly shifting, this fact remains: the popularity of Black Friday is alive and well.

For truckers, the success of Black Friday starts well before Thanksgiving. You’ve been busy these last few weeks hauling goods, ensuring they’re delivered on time, all around the country. The deliveries you’ve made to stores and warehouses make it possible for shoppers to check items off their gift list over the holiday weekend. Their excitement over the major sales require all hands on deck from store associates, management other personnel. Your work as truck drivers not only stock the shelves, but it also provides valuable employment opportunities for thousands during the holiday season.

Preparation for Black Friday is only the beginning. From now until the end of the holidays, you’ll be tasked with one of the most important roles this season. Without you, those shelves would certainly be empty with the exception of those dismal “sold out” signs.

So, the value over Thanksgiving weekend isn’t in the door buster deals, free gifts with purchase or deep discounts. The true value lies in the hard work that you as truckers do. Without that…it would just be another weekend.