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The Industry’s First and Only Operator and Driver Relationship (ODR) Platform

Save Time and Money Managing Your Fleet

While Enhancing the On-Road Experience for Your Drivers

For your drivers

Improve the driver’s journey with real truck navigation, parking availability, fuel price discovery and more all on your company’s customized version of the Trucker Path app

For you operators

Increase operational efficiency by simplifying day-to-day
tasks like sourcing loads, dispatching, track & trace,
and document scanning & management.

Everything you need to manage your fleet

Most Popular Driver App

Leverage Trucker Path’s app that nearly 1 million truck drivers rely upon for essential information and services.

Enterprise Truck Navigation

Equip your drivers with our industry-leading truck navigation for efficient and safe routes.

All-in-one Trucking Software

Navigation, dispatch, workflows, accounting and more between your driver app and web platform.

Load Management

Comprehensive workflows for load dispatching, tracking, document scanning, settlements, and accounting.

Driver Management

A centralized platform to communicate and manage driver activity, compliance, and productivity.

Open Integrations

Connect with your existing systems, ELD and tracking platforms for a reliable, single source of truth.

Create Load
Dispatch to Driver
Track Progress
Document Management
Complete Job
Find and Book Loads
Connect your load board or customer platforms to search, book, and create jobs ready for your drivers to start hauling.

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