More money. Fewer hassles.

We do the back-office work. You handle the driving.

Over a million drivers already depend on the Trucker Path app for help on the road. Now, our expert personal Dispatchers are here to make your job easier & make you more money!

How Does It Work?

Getting Acquainted
Share preferences with your Dispatcher

It’s our job to make your job as profitable and hassle-free as possible. That begins with no forced dispatch and you telling your personal Dispatcher the types of jobs and work schedules you like…and don’t like!

Load Sourcing & Negotiation
Getting you extra revenue per mile.

Armed with your preferences, powerful Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the millions of datapoints we collect from our many platforms, your Dispatcher finds you the dry van and reefer loads you want at rates you really want.

Real Truck Navigation
Enjoy the quickest, safest routes

Your personal Dispatcher next sends all the info you need for the job directly to your Trucker Path app including pickup/dropoff locations, timing windows and any special instructions. Our best-in-class navigation engine routes you for the quickest and safest path.

Real-Time Status Reporting
No more “Where are you” calls

Where are you? What’s your ETA? These check calls and questions from customers take time and energy. Your Dispatcher and our real-time reporting data combine to keep everyone informed and up to speed, easily and without interruptions.

Compliance Monitoring
Make the most of your available hours-of-service

While you’re doing what you’re supposed to be doing, driving, your personal Dispatcher will be monitoring your available hours. They’ll be looking ahead for a good place for you to shutdown for the day or for your next loads. It’s our responsibility to keep the wheels turnin’ so you keep earnin’.

Shut Down for the Day with Confidence & Ease
Save time & drive more miles

Trucker Path offers well over 300,000 POIs and parking locations with up-to-date detailed information from our community of more than a million truckers. Your Dispatcher will look ahead for you, helping to find a great place to park and rest after a long shift.

Digital Paperwork
To get you paid faster

Submitting your paperwork is a huge part of getting paid. You’ll be able to easily scan your docs and submit them to your Dispatcher instantly using Trucker Path. After all, the faster you submit your paperwork, the faster you’ll get paid!

Getting started is easy

Send Your Packet

DOT Authority, Certificate of Insurance, W-9, etc.

Sign Agreement

Sign a quick and easy dispatch service level agreement

Hit the road

We start dispatching your truck immediately



per booked load

Personal Dispatcher

Finding loads that fit you

Negotiating awesome rates

Full Trucker Path access

True Truck Navigation

Handing Track/Trace & Check Calls

HoS Monitoring

Assistance with finding Parking and Food

Electronic Paperwork collection and storage