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Blockchain has grown its business as being the best commercial vehicle membership for Emergency Roadside Assistance in the heavy-duty segment. Offering its Emergency Roadside Assistance Membership Program to thousands of truckers and motor carrier customers in the United States and Canada, including major companies, and trucking associations many of whom have joined our partnership program. Together we are committed to quality, in providing Motor Carriers and Truckers the best “heavy duty/commercial vehicle” emergency roadside assistance service in the market, and to simplify and accelerate their transportation service.

We serve truckload carriers, heavy, medium, and light duty trucks, buses, and vans for local and national fleets with the best membership program for commercial vehicle emergency roadside assistance.

  • Reduce downtime - Routine driver issues quickly resolved.
  • Accelerate delivery efficiency - Navigational issues minimized to increase delivery efficiency. With proprietary GPS locater technology we quickly locate and dispatch the closest vendor to your breakdown location.
  • Improved productivity - Roadside assistance calls from drivers are directed to dispatch service, which means less phone time resolving issues and wait time to receive service.
  • Save time and money - Our fixed-fee program prevents drivers unexpected open-ended service costs and completely eliminates predatory practices.