ANNOUNCEMENT: Solution to Google Maps causing app crashes within Trucker Path
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Walmart with truck parking

Easily find Walmart Stores nearby that allow truck parking. Trucker Path features over 3,500 truck friendly locations. With our free app you can always find overnight parking for your truck.

Truck friendly Walmart only

We know how frustrating it is to be kicked out from a Walmart Parking lot because it doesn’t allow truck parking. For this reason we have verified all the Walmart locations to make sure you can park your truck there overnight with piece of mind.

Overnight truck parking nearby

Trucker Path free app is an essential tool to find for overnight parking. Whether it’s a Walmart, rest area or a truck stop, Trucker Path has thousands of locations with updated truck parking. Even read fellow truckers' reviews and check a locations rating to make sure it’s a safe place to spend the night.

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