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Truckloads for Brokers

Load Posting

Our broker load board is an essential tool to grow your business! With over 85,000 carriers on our platform you can post your freight and find qualified carriers.

How to Post Freight

Trucker Path Truckloads offers a variety of ways to post available truck loads.

Direct Integration

To make your work as easy as possible we offer free secure integration with your TMS.
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Post Everywhere

Use Post Everywhere to connect with Truckloads and post seamlessly on our load board.
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Email your Freight

Email us a file with your loads and we’ll post them for you. Setup is simple and we can work with your file format or provide you with a template.

Manual Posting

Post your loads one-at-a-time or upload a CSV file with multiple loads. Our simple interface is designed for maximum productivity.

Why Truckloads?


Truckloads is free and easy to use. No sign-up, trial, or subscription fees.

85,000 carriers

Our network of active carriers is brought you by the most popular trucking app.

Silicon Valley Tech

Trucker Path brings the best Silicon Valley tech into the transportation industry.