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May 01, 2024

Podcasts Feed the Need for Learning, Laughter and Inspiration on the Road

Podcasts Feed the Need for Learning, Laughter and Inspiration on the Road

Truck drivers can spend as much as 11 hours a day or 3,120 hours a year driving—and listening. It’s important to steer the media feed that can essentially be your entire world while you’re behind the wheel.

Two truisms couldn’t be truer when it comes to audio feeds: you are what you consume and you are the company you keep.

Today’s audio options for truckers abound. All the media makes sure of that. There’s satellite radio, audiobooks, streaming music and even CB.

While most drivers stream music (62%) and significantly less listen to audiobooks (14%),podcasts (42%) represent a sweet spot for drivers for their bite-sized length, on-demand availability and abundant options. The variety of trucker-podcasts make it possible to feed every facet of a driver’s life from world events and industry regulations to the business of trucking and road humor that can lighten the load.

See what we mean with these feed-enhancing podcasts selected to bring a smile to every facet of the driving life. Use it to help you achieve a recommended daily allowance of ideas and entertainment, keep things interesting, and maybe even shake things up.

Start with Dessert: Chill Out With a Funny Feed

The 18 Wheel Talk Podcast Show features Janet and Patrick. The duo is sharp witted, well-informed and prone to pulling interesting stories from the far reaches of the road. The show is billed as “For Truckers, about Truckers, by Truckers” and the insights and experiences they banter on live up to it. (Listen on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts or iHeartRADIO)

Ahead of the Curve: Talk Like a Techie by Listening to Them

The Trucking Technology & Efficiency podcast is hosted by Kevin Rutherford, Joel Morrow, and John Walco. Their content gets its street cred straight from the road. Truckers call in to geek out about the exciting new tech as well as the everyday tools of the trucking trade. These guys make it easy to stay plugged in. (Find it on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Soundcloud)

Truckers’ Guilty Pleasure: The Perfect True Crime Binge

In the Trucking True Crime Podcast, hosts Angela Baum and her husband Larry host have created a mashup of two things drivers love: trucking and true crime stories. A survey by now defunct Matheson Inc. found true crime stories to be the most popular podcast genre among truckers. True crime roadies will love this one. (Listen on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, FeedSpot or Podbean)

Money Talks: Listen to Best Practices for Owner-Operators

For a peek into best practices of starting a trucking company, The Haulin’ Assets podcast throws the doors—and books—wide open. The podcast follows the progress of Chris Vernon and his one-man trucking company through all the highs and lows. Transparency into Chris’s financials, practical tips for finding loads and a breakdown of Chris’s cost per mile are just a few topics that make this podcast money. (Listen on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher or Google Podcasts)

You Time: Drive Healthier Habits on the Road

Host Captain Jack, a former truck driver on a mission, runs the Shift into Better Health podcast series. Topics are trucker-specific and toggle among nutrition and exercise on the road to stress strategies, and mood adjustments just for drivers. Captain Jack brings the trucker’s perspective, and the medical professionals he invites on the show bring the health insights and expertise.

World News: When Your World Is Trucking

There’s so much going on in the trucking that it is a world unto itself. Every trucker’s feed should include industry news that delivers the big picture. The TalkCDL Trucking Podcast goes deep and wide into the trends, legislation, economic indicators and current issues that matter to truckers. The show’s hosts keep it moving through their clever banter and range of hot topics. (Listen on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts or Stitcher)

Comfort Feed: A Podcast with Everything on Top

Host Bruce Outridge is like a friend on the other end of a CB or Formica table who you can talk to about anything and everything. His podcast, The Lead Pedal Podcast for Truck Drivers is like a menu at a Greek diner. You’ll find over 1000 satisfying episodes on everything from goal-setting and tax strategies to the different owner-operator business models and tips for truck drivers with families. (Listen on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, iHeartRADIO or Soundcloud)

Truck drivers, like everyone else, need to be conscious of their podcast feed. Expanding or changing that feed can instigate a host of positive—or negative—shifts in mood, productivity, creativity, positivity, health and understanding.

With over 2,999,008 podcasts in the world according to Wikipedia, truck drivers are lucky to have so many options. They also have hours of opportunity to listen, learn and expand their worlds that people outside of trucking can only envy.

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