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Oppose the Truck Speed Limiter Mandate


The Department of Transportation and FCMSA has proposed a mandate for speed limiters on heavy-duty trucks. If you oppose the truck speed limiter mandate you can send a comment to lawmakers opposing the mandate below. The deadline is December 7, 2016. 

Oppose the Proposed Truck Speed Limiter Mandate

According to the DOT proposal, truck speed limiters would be required on any commercial truck with a gross weight of 26,000 pounds or more. Maximum speeds of 60, 65 and 68 mph have been suggested yet feedback and data are still needed before a final speed can be determined. The DOT is gathering feedback from owner-operators and industry leaders up until the deadline.

There’s still time for drivers and owner operators to chime in opposing!

Let Your Voice Be Heard!

Don’t let those who never spent a moment of their life driving a heavy-duty truck dictate legislation for millions of
truck drivers.

“A mandate for a one-size-fits-all speed limiter will squelch innovation in technologies to enhance safety and accommodate not only highways but potentially secondary roads and beyond,” said ATA President Chris Spear in a statement.

If you oppose the truck speed limiter mandate let your voice be heard! Join the community of nearly 4,000 who have already commented in opposition.

The Deadline to comment is December 7.



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  • Mike Dills

    no speed limiter ! anyone with a brain can see the problems already with trucks that are already limited . how many times have you wondered why trucks are running side by side for miles backing up traffic . a better solution would be trucks only lanes.


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