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May 23, 2017 • Community

Trucker Path Partners with Bennett International Group

Trucker Path Partners with Bennett International Group

(MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., May 23, 2017) – Trucker Path, creators of America’s most popular apps in the trucking industry today announced that it has partnered with Bennett International Group, LLC in order to promote efficiency for its drivers.

In connection with the partnership, the Trucker Path app will be installed by default on all Bennett tablets used by its drivers. The utilization of Trucker Path saves drivers an estimated 11 hours per month, while wasted time searching for safe parking can cost the trucking industry $5.1 billion annually.

“Bennett Motor Express is an established leader in the freight and logistics industry. They have embraced technology to help in their efforts to recruit and retain owner-operators and we are certain that the Trucker Path mobile app will continue to bring value to Bennett by providing their owner operators with cutting-edge technology”, said Leigh Foxall, VP of Sales at Trucker Path.

Trucker Path is a trip planning app for truck drivers features over 8,000 locations where drivers can find available truck parking updated in real-time, check the status of a weigh station, compare diesel fuel prices and find nearby repair centers or truck washes.

The crowd-sourced app has over 800,000 monthly parking updates initiated by 530,000 active users. Drivers can filter parking searches with locations such as TA & Petro, Loves, Pilot & Flying J, independently owned truck stops, rest areas and even Walmarts that are verified to allow overnight truck parking. The app also provides a list of a location’s amenities, parking history, nearby restaurants and reviews from fellow drivers.

“It’s hard to find a place to park for me because I am larger than a regular 18-wheel truck and I use Trucker Path all the time to find a place to park. I typically can only run during daylight hours and my truck takes up two or three spots,” said Bennett heavy haul driver Heath Utter. “I look at a place’s details to see who has the biggest lots and I look at the updates to see how many spaces are left.”

Bennett International Group began in 1974 and has since expanded internationally, providing heavy hauling and various specialty transportation and warehouse services. Similar to Trucker Path, Bennett elicited input from drivers to shape the necessary course of actions to progress its offerings.

“We decided to start installing the (Trucker Path) app based on driver feedback. It was our drivers that introduced it to us, ” said Chris Hanie, Driver Tech Support for Bennett International Group, LLC. “By offering drivers apps to get real-time information, from fuel discounts to load alerts to detailed route planning, it helps them to be hyper-efficient when they are not behind the wheel. Our goal is for all our drivers to have this app on their devices.”

Trucker Path is a leader in delivering advanced technology to the trucking industry. Its trip planning navigational app has over 1.5 million installs and is the highest rated app in the industry on both Google Play and the App Store.

About Bennett International Group, LLC

McDonough-Ga.-based Bennett International Group is a woman-owned, Women’s Enterprise Business Council (WBENC)-certified, diversified transportation and logistics company. Through its nine affiliated operating companies, Bennett International Group delivers integrated transportation and supply chain management solutions worldwide.

About Trucker Path

Silicon Valley-based Trucker Path released a crowd-sourced navigation app for truck drivers in late 2013. With advanced mobile technology, the crowdsourced Trucker Path application has grown to become America’s largest community of truck drivers with over 530,000 active users or 30 percent of all Class 8 truckers. The exponential growth of the app led to the release of Truckloads, an online marketplace connecting freight companies with carriers for both web and mobile devices, in March 2016. By April 2017, Truckloads became the most downloaded mobile app for freight matching with over 300,000 installs. The Trucker Path team strives to improve efficiencies in the freight transportation industry while making life on the road easier, enjoyable, and more profitable for truck drivers.

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