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Aug 15, 2017 • Community

Trucking Industry Trends

Trucking Industry Trends

Trucking Industry Trends

The trucking industry trends reveal the importance of truck freight in America and freight revenue forecasts to grow by 75 percent over the next nine years.

The trucking industry has powered America for over a century moving 70 percent of all freight. As truck drivers move freight across the country so moves our economy. What are the trucking industry trends for 2016? We reveal the answers!

In 2016, the trucking industry:

  • Generated $676.2 billion in revenue
  • Accounted for 79.8% of the nation’s freight bill
  • Moved 10.42 billion tons of freight
  • Moved 70.6% of all domestic freight tonnage
  • 3.68 million Class 8 trucks registered
  • Traveled 450.4 billion miles
  • Powered by small business – 91% of carriers operate six trucks or less
  • 1 in 15 jobs in America is in the trucking industry
“The information in Trends highlights exactly what I tell elected officials, regulators and key decision-makers every day: trucking is literally the driving force behind our great economy,” said ATA President and CEO Chris Spear. “Safe, reliable and efficient motor carriers enable businesses throughout the supply chain to maintain lean inventories, thereby saving the economy billions of dollars each year.”

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