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Jun 10, 2015

Facebook friends comment on our parking lot status feature

Facebook friends comment on our parking lot status feature

Not long ago, Trucker Path officially announced the release of our Truck Parking Lot Status Updates feature. That post generated 748 likes (and counting) – the most of any announcement this year, by a margin of nearly 200. It also generated 65 Comments (and counting!) from our Friends.

Check-out how our app is now helping these users!

First, special thanks to everyone for your Likes and your comments. We’ve read them all. We love all the kind words so many of you offered, and we genuinely appreciate all of your suggestions. And yes, we even appreciate the complaints – because you’re helping us make Trucker Path App better for you.

Here are a few comments we thought you might find interesting, followed by our responses:

Sandi (from Vallejo, CA)

The [updates] are awesome!!! I loved the app BEFORE the changes. Best and most used app on my phone. These changes will make it even better. Love it! By the way, this is a great app for anyone who loves a trucker. My husband calls me all the time, asking me to check this app because he is currently driving and doesn’t have reception, but needs to know where the nearest TRANSFLO is. Or the number of overnight parking spots at the next stop, the closest weigh station, etc. He tells me all the time, I keep him running smoothly. Thank you. :0)

– Thank you, Sandi. And please feel free to send us any ideas or suggestions for making the app even better for you, and your husband!

Ross (a dirt-bike enthusiast)

It looks like you guys got it all together now. Success is inevitable, the snowball affect has started. Good for you, I supported the app when it started and I still do, use it every day. Overall very good job. But I’ve already shared with all the people I know who drive a truck, so stop sending me the “Share” pop-up.

– Duly noted, Ross! By the way, love your Yankees hat. Are you a fan?

Leroy (from Houston)

I love the app. It’s really great with finding fuel and low clearance stuff like that. Need to update Weigh Station info faster. Always slow to update.

– We agree, Leroy. And that’s where you can help! Whenever possible, remember to report a weigh station’s Open / Closed Status. We’ve tried to make it as easy to report as possible, but we welcome your suggestions for improving that feature.

Eric (from Reese, MI)

I update scales and parking all the time.

– Eric, users like you are the biggest reason why so many people love our App. Thank you from everyone at Trucker Path.

Raymond (from Smiths Grove, KY)

Love this app. Wish we could’ve had this technology 30 years ago.

– Great news: We’re putting the final touches on Trucker Path’s time-travel feature, and we’d like to enlist you as a Beta Tester. You can expect a call from us sometime in mid June, 1985!

SUMMARY: The developers of Trucker Path – the best App for truckers (company drivers, owner operators and independent carriers),available as a free download for Android and iPhone – are proud to announce the release of a new feature which helps truckers find parking at truck stops, rest areas and overnight parking lots.