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Dec 10, 2021 • Community

Meet a Pathfinder: Alex Tkachev

Meet a Pathfinder: Alex Tkachev

The Meet a Pathfinder series explores what our Pathfinder users love about being part of the program, what’s their favorite thing to explore, and fun facts about themselves.

Today we have Alex Tkachev from Portland, Oregon.

What do I love about being a Pathfinder?

What I love about being a Pathfinder is that it encourages me to read other people’s comments and get engaged with the places that I visit.

I get to find out more about the locations that I visit and how truck stop management works hard to help truck drivers. It makes me feel more empathetic to the people that work there and all that they put into their jobs. Especially with the worker shortage, people work extra hard to keep this economy running.

My favorite thing to explore

My favorite thing to explore are truck stops that are in faraway locations that most people don’t know about. Finding truck stops that I haven’t heard of before, but that is some of the best places to relax.

Fun fact about me

I try to eat healthy even when healthy food options are limited.

The Trucker Path Pathfinder program aims to build a community for truckers who are enthusiastic, passionate, and adventurous. Every time you share an experience on the Trucker Path map help a fellow trucker over the road. If you love discovering hidden gems, supporting a mom-and-pop truck stop, and telling stories with vivid visuals and cogent reviews, join our squad to start your journey.

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