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Feb 14, 2016

New Feature: Trucker Path Pro Views

New Feature: Trucker Path Pro Views

When it’s time to find parking in Trucker Path Pro, the number of options can be overwhelming. It’s easy to end up hunting and pecking among several different pins on the map before you find what you need. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just glance at the map and quickly see all the available parking in your area, all the open and closed weigh stations, and even all the fuel prices at nearby pumps? Good news: Now you can.

We’re thrilled to introduce our newest Trucker Path Pro feature. We call it Views, and we think you’re going to love it.

Trucker Path Pro Views

The Views feature gives you four different ways to see what’s around you in Trucker Path Pro:

  • All Places View
  • Weigh Stations View
  • Parking View
  • Diesel Prices View

There’s a new Views button located at the bottom left of the map screen, and it has an icon on it that looks like planet earth. Go on, give that button a tap and check out what’s near you.

Once you tap the Views button, you’ll see a menu containing several options that will help you based on where you are and what you are looking for.

All Places View

The first view should look pretty familiar. It’s the default view in the app, but we’ve given it a name so you can tell it apart from the new views. It’s called All Places View, and as the name implies, it displays all the places you regularly see on the map. Anytime you want to see the regular map, just tap All Places and you’re set.

Weigh Stations View

If you want to quickly see all the open and closed weigh stations on your route, the Trucker Path Pro Weigh Stations View is the tool for you. Just tap that Views button, and then tap Weigh Stations. All the pins you don’t need disappear, leaving only weigh station pins on the map. The best part? You can see whether a weigh station is open or closed without even tapping it – the status is written right there on the pin.

Parking View

Picture this: your HOS minutes are ticking down, and your e-log knows it. Problem is, you’re on an unfamiliar road in a town you’ve never heard of. You’ve got to find a place to stop, and quick. Enter Trucker Path Pro’s Parking View. Tap the Views button. Then, tap Parking Availability, and boom – you can instantly see everywhere there’s available parking. You beat your HOS clock, while finding a safe place to park that has a restaurant nearby.

Fuel Prices View

Nothing eats profit like high diesel prices. Even when fuel prices are low, it’s still the one of the biggest operational costs. Make sure you’re getting the most for your money with the Trucker Path Pro Fuel Prices View. When you tap the Views button and then tap Fuel, you immediately see where the nearest stations are and how much they’re charging per gallon. No more searching through place details. It’s all right there on the map so you can make a quick decision and get where you need to go.

Keep your filters in mind

Filters are a great way to make sure you are viewing location types that you are most interested in. Make sure you have your favorite brands selected. If we know the price of fuel, it will be displayed on the map.

Good things take time

All this new stuff is super exciting, but our top priority is making sure it works well for you. In order to assure the switch from the old map to the new views goes smoothly for everyone, we’re doing what’s called a “controlled rollout”. That means we release the feature to a few small groups of users at a time. By doing a controlled rollout, we’re better able to answer your questions and make sure it’s easy for you to use the views. Some of you might not see the Views feature yet, but rest assured – it will be available to everyone soon.

Oh, and one more thing about new stuff. You know when you get a new pair of shoes and you have to walk around in them a bit to break them in? That’s kind of how this feature might feel for the first couple times you use it. Once you get comfortable with it, though, you’ll be off and running. If you have any questions or feedback in the meantime, let us know.