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Mar 31, 2019 • Carriers

MATS 2019 Recap

MATS 2019 Recap
By Jeremy Feucht
Another MATS has come and gone. With over one million square feet of booth space, it is hard to describe this year’s show as anything less than a spectacular success. Meeting truckers and seeing the numerous companies that are out there looking to help the trucking industry keep moving forward. Even with the fear mongering regarding the state of the trucking industry, the state of trucking is alive and well.

Howes booth was busy and so was the Trucker Path booth. The number of people that came by the Trucker Path booth was amazing. We heard your concerns regarding the application, and we take that feedback seriously. The number of drivers that told us how our application helps them in their route planning, parking and that use the weigh station feature was amazing. We aim to continue creating features that make you efficient. We know that truckers move our country and we need to help you.
As the trade show and conference season really begins to heat up, our goal is to attend as many as possible. We want to see as many people as possible. Each person has their own take on how to better our application and we need that feedback. We will continue to run new ideas past you at these shows to see what you think before launching products.
On behalf of Trucker Path, I would like to thank those of you that showed your support for us at MATS. Without you, our country does not survive. We are here to serve you.
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