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Mar 01, 2017 • Community

Nebraska Troopers Ride With Truckers to Spot Unsafe Drivers

Nebraska Troopers Ride With Truckers to Spot Unsafe Drivers

Tired of truck drivers wrongfully receiving blame from the public regarding safe driving? Well, Nebraska’s “Trooper in a Truck” is sure to help change that misconception.

Nebraska Trooper in a Truck Program

According to the Nebraska Trucking Association, Nebraska State Troopers will ride along in the cabs of commercial motor vehicles while looking for unsafe driving behavior from nearby automobiles. When a trooper spots someone committing a violation or driving recklessly, they will radio a nearby trooper to assess a citation.

“Having eyes in commercial motor vehicles allows us to see things we wouldn’t normally see from a marked patrol unit,” said Lieutenant Kurt Von Minden. “It’s also an invaluable tool to work with truckers to help tackle the issue of public safety on our roadways. We’re very grateful for the relationship we have with the trucking industry and value their help.”

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