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Nov 23, 2020 • Community

Trucker Path App Update Version 4.30: Address Book Feature

Trucker Path App Update Version 4.30: Address Book Feature

Good morning Trucker Path users!

We’re excited to rollout the latest version 4.30 of Trucker Path in the App Stores (Play Store and Apple). Previously, saving the locations where you go to was not possible and you would have to input the address every time you needed to. This is cumbersome when you frequent a certain area / shipper / client. And so, we are introducing the “Address Book” feature.

With “Address Book”, there is now a fast and easy way to save a list of locations and routes that you need quick access to.

Here’s how to use it.

1. Find your desired location on the search bar.

Type the location of your choice on the “Search Point of Interest (POI),address bar” and select from the list.

2. Save the location on the Address book.

Click on the options on the highlighted location to add it to the “Address Book”. You may even add a label/ description for that location.

With this new feature you can save time and additional effort in repeatedly inputting your frequent locations.places.

We thank you for your continued support! More feature updates in the pipeline for the next release cycle! If you have any suggestions please let our team know at, we’re actively looking for user suggestions!

By The Trucker Path Team