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Nov 20, 2020 • Carriers

Understanding Team Truck Driving

Understanding Team Truck Driving

Trucking is a hectic job that entails adhering to DOT / HOS regulations which ultimately means you need to stop at some point to comply with the maximum driving hours. With these regulations some truckers often opt to drive with a partner to maximize efficiency. Team truck driving allows one driver to rest while the other one drives. The drivers can switch places with each other multiple times over a journey so that more distance can be covered while time is saved.

While some truckers love this concept, others prefer to drive solo. In any case, team driving has its perks, and they are significant enough not to be overlooked.

How Does Driving With a Partner Work?

The job is pretty straightforward. One driver drives while the other rests, eats, and sleeps. Each driver has their own duty-time set on a schedule, so there are no arguments regarding shift timings. This significantly reduces the time needed to haul loads from one point to another, and hence that results in better pay. Both drivers receive the benefits of the entire job even when they are spending half their time doing it.

It is easy to judge from the brief discussion above that team driving has its benefits, but it also has its disadvantages.

Advantages of Team Trucking

It should be clear by now that for people who love to socialize and work at the same time, team truck driving is the best job to have. You rarely get bored, you always have a partner to keep you entertained and you don’t have to share meals with strangers while you are sitting at a truck stop in the middle of nowhere. But these are just a few perks. Trucking with a partner can result in a lot more advantages.

  • More Available Jobs
  • Trucking with a partner is like having opened up a new skill that qualifies you and your partner to apply for jobs that would otherwise be unavailable to you if each of you were driving solo. Trucking companies like to save time and love efficiency, which is why they admire the concept of team driving. They are willing to pay you more just so you deliver the goods faster. Moreover, team trucking is a great stepping stone for you if you want to go solo in the future. Partnering up with an experienced campaigner will allow you to access high-paid jobs with relatively zero experience. Once you have the necessary hours and skill needed to go solo, you can end terms with your partner and start your gig.

  • Consistent Income
  • Team driving is a more attractive package for trucking companies. They know they can rely on a team to deliver faster than a solo driver. They say two heads are better than one and that sometimes holds true for trucking. If there are two drivers, there will be more driving than resting and that would mean hopping from one assignment to another. All in all, you will be making more money and that too consistently.

    Disadvantages of Team Trucking

    While the advantages are tempting, especially for an upcoming young driver, some veterans prefer to drive alone, and they have some good reasons for it.

  • The Profits Are Split
  • The term team driving is simple to understand. You drive as a team, and that means you equally share the spoils between each other. So while the idea of trucking with a partner seems tempting, it is not might not be feasible in the long-run, especially if you are in it for the money.

  • Undesirable Partner
  • Let’s face it. It is not easy to spend a considerable amount of time with another person in a small space, especially if you don’t like them. Your partner has to be entertaining or compatible with your level of thinking. If not, it can be very hard to pass time or trust your teammate with the job at hand.

  • Trouble Sleeping
  • As a truck driver, you have been trained not to fall asleep while driving long distances. And now, you have to fall asleep once your shift ends when your partner takes over the wheel. This could be challenging especially if you are not used to sleeping when needed to. Also, you might need to get used to sleeping while listening to some up beat music while your partner drives.

    Closing Thoughts

    Team truck driving is a highly attractive opportunity for new drivers who are looking to add miles and for old drivers who are looking for a partner since they are unable to drive solo. The pay is not that good, but the work is consistent. So team truck driving is recommended until you feel you have the experience to drive your semi or if you are a husband and wife team who love spending time on the road and enjoy an adventure more than the pay. Are you a team driver? Do you have tips for people who want to try team driving? Let us know on the comments.

    By Aldous Aldwin

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