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Jun 23, 2020 • Carriers

6 Tips to Keep Safe at Truck Stops

6 Tips to Keep Safe at Truck Stops

You have finally arrived at your truck stop of choice (or found one using Trucker Path) and conveniently located a parking spot. Watch out as things might not be so safe as you think. A large percentage of truck-trailer accidents occur at truck stops which should be the safest place to park. Drivers can never let their guard down when behind the wheel and even parked at that! Trucking accidents are expensive and causes major setbacks in your schedule which leads to more expenses. Below are a few tips to help reduce a trucking accident/incident at a truck stop:

Here are 6 tips to keep safe at truck stops:

1. Pre-plan your route: Pre-plan your route so you know you will be stopping at a location with plenty of room and that is well lit. Choose your stops, don’t let them choose you. Use truck apps such as Trucker Path to efficiently plan your route and plot your desired stops.

2. Maximize your stops: Plan to take care of everything you need at a truck stop when you are there the first time. Stopping to fuel, refill your coffee, and eat is better than stopping five times.

3. Avoid parking at the end of a row: Not only is there traffic crossing next to you but most people park on the end because they are tired and after a long day the end is the closest spot. Avoiding the end of a parking lot helps you avoid drivers who are parking when they are tired. Removing yourself from high traffic areas can help reduce risk.

4. Avoid a spot that will force you to back out when you leave: Choose a spot you can either pull through (the best option) or back into (second best option).

5. Park where there is space around you: The back of the lot will usually have more room than the front so let other drivers take the risk of all that traffic coming and going. No need to be a super Trucker when a safe and easy place is available. Think safe, not convenience.

6. Use your cameras: Don’t be complacent when parking. When your space is tight, utilize what you have to your advantage. Using your cameras will help you see tight spots on sides and at the rear. Take your time and you can also step down to survey the surrounding areas.

By Aldous Aldwin

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