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Oct 02, 2020 • Carriers

Trucker Spotlight - BDSmith

Trucker Spotlight - BDSmith
The Trucker Spotlight series explores the lives of truckers and their journey to make a difference in their industry. We interview different truck drivers to understand some life lessons that make them who they are today. We also learn more about their motivations, and the problems that they encounter on the job. We also tackle how Trucker Path’s solutions helped them with what they do. The information that they provide helps inform other people who are looking to delve into the trucking world.

Today we are putting the spotlight on BDSmith, who’s been driving for around 2 years now. He’s a Youtuber / Artist who enjoys driving with his dogs. Let’s get to know the interesting story about how he got into trucking.

What made you decide to be a trucker?

It kind of was a random choice. I had just gotten back from South Korea where I did 2 years military service and 5 years just living there. I worked as a programmer for a tech company in Gangnam and was able to do the job online when I got back to the states but didn’t like trying to have meetings with the difference in hours. I always loved to drive ever since I was a kid so I figured, “Hey, why not?”.

In the years that you have been driving, what are the significant changes that you’ve noticed in the trucking industry?

As I’ve only been in for roughly 2.5 years I haven’t noticed too much change other than it seems like there’s less people on the CB than when I started.

What made you decide to put up your Youtube channel?

So the channel started back in 2015 as a gaming channel. Mainly something to do with my two boys after work. Now that I’m driving a truck and don’t have time for games, I turned it fully into a trucking vlog late 2018. I try to do stupid things to make people laugh etc. I never take myself too seriously unless it’s job related.

Any times when you get lonely while driving? How do you deal with it?

I don’t really ever get lonely. I’ve had a dog since my 2nd month of driving and now have two. They help a lot. Always doing stupid things which make me laugh. I video call my boys who still live in Korea with their mom. That’s the only hard part, being away from them.

As a trucker, what are the current struggles in this COVID19 pandemic?

Remembering that people would prefer it if I wear a mask. I haven’t seen anything truck related – my rates went down a small bit for about a week in late March but it didn’t last.

What are your usual routes? Favorite scenic truck route?

I like to go anywhere. I love going into Texas because the people always treat me well and I have a lot of fans there so I do occasional meet ups.

What was your weirdest or most unusual haul?

Not sure I’ve had anything too bad. I picked up a recycled paper load once coming out of Arizona going to Cali. The place smelled so bad I almost threw up, other than that nothing too unusual.

How often do you use rest stops / truck stops? What are the things that you look for in a truck stop? Favorite truck stop meal?

For the longest time I only went to P/FJ because their spicy chicken is absolutely amazing. When it comes to sleeping I really try to stay away from the big truck stops. I prefer the mom and pop places. Seems the more experienced people go there so I don’t have to worry as much about my truck being hit.

What are the common troubles or problems you encounter while trucking?

The biggest problem is four wheelers not paying attention. It really shocked me when I started driving just how many terrible drivers are out there.

What are your pet peeves while driving/trucking?

People that don’t move over for disabled vehicles on the shoulders and people that speed up when you go to pass them after driving slow for the last 20 miles.

We’re glad that you use the Trucker Path app on your day to day trucking. What features do you enjoy the most?

Hands down it’s the truck stop finder. There’s so many on Trucker Path that aren’t on my Garmin. And that 1) has saved me a few times with HOS and 2) I’ve found some great small restaurants that way.

What are some tips that you would like to share for aspiring truckers?

Keep in mind it’s not a job. It’s not a career. It’s a lifestyle. Some make big money. Some never do. Just because you see a big number doesn’t mean it’s a big number. Always remember a lot of it will go into taxes and upkeep of the truck. Remember you will be away from home for long periods. Can you handle that? And above all, be respectful to those whom came before you in this industry.

Where can people watch your videos on Youtube?

They can view my videos on my Youtube Channel, BDSmith Trucking.

Hope you guys enjoy!

By Aldous Aldwin

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